At one of the modern venues in Kassel, the documenta-hall, we welcomed the company Wingas on the occasion of their kick-off-meeting. The national and international guests enjoyed our catering and we were very happy to oblige indeed.  

On the road

For longtime business partners we even go to Aachen to cater a joyous wedding with BBQ, cocktails and merry guests. Congratulations to Steffi and Benni!

Wedding banquet

In one of our scenic venues ‘the boat’ we were able to cater a wonderful-wintery wedding. Atmospheric mist and a fine decoration completed the scene for a perfect winter wedding.

Kasseler Musiktage

For the reception of the ‘Kasseler Musiktage’ (Kassel Music Festival) we were asked to provide the catering in the beautiful library of the publishing house Bärenreiter Verlag.